Polyamory Primer

Download the primer here!

As members of Community of Christ, we strive to embody the Enduring Principles of our faith, including the belief in the worth of all persons, the value of unity in diversity, and the recognition that we have the ability to make our own responsible choices. These Enduring Principles are intended to go beyond mere tolerance and toward genuine affirmation.

In recent years, polyamory has become more visible within Community of Christ, as polyamorous families are present in our pews and even serve in priesthood roles. To actualize what we hold to be our Enduring Principles, we must also actively welcome, nurture, and support polyamorous individuals and their families as integral parts of our spiritual communities. However, polyamory largely remains a mystery to the leaders of our church, and they seem unsure how to proceed.

To address this need, we, polyamorous members and friends of Community of Christ, present this primer which:

  1. Provides a basic and non-comprehensive introduction to polyamory
  2. Situates polyamory within the context of Community of Christ theology
  3. Informs about laws that affect polyamorous individuals and their families
  4. Presents recommendations to World Church on how to proceed with polyamory in Community of Christ.

Download the primer here!